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Is your product living up to your vision?

If not, you might need a tactical, startup-hardened product designer.

I use design as a business tool to help my clients turn concepts into simple products that get traction.

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Building products is hard.

Startups struggle to match big ideas with enough resources—and larger companies see quality slip as their products mature.

In either case, the results are the same: prolonged development cycles, lackluster features, and low user engagement.

Design can make all the difference

It's not about pushing pixels. Designers turn abstract goals into tangible results:

Defining customer needs in human terms. What are their underlying goals? What motivates them?

Quickly prototyping ideas to make sure they're right—before they get built

Crafting user interfaces that nail the details along the whole user journey

Running usability tests and fixing rough edges before you ship

Supporting engineers with the tools they need to build and launch features

Benefits of Better Design

  1. Huge cost savings

    Don't allocate expensive engineering time until there's a focused scope with a clear expected outcome.

  2. Rapid speed to market

    Testing prototypes helps you learn, adjust, and iterate faster than the competition.

  3. Customer happiness

    The best way to boost retention and referrals: understand and build exactly what your customers need.

  4. Team confidence and focus

    Shipping is a lot faster and easier when everyone knows exactly what to build—and why.

Facing big challenges? I've been there.

In 2012, I was hired as the first employee of YC-backed FarmLogs—just three people, living on couches, with a vision to digitize farms, empower farmers, and fight Big Ag.

We grew to 70 people, raised $35MM, and had a third of American farmers on our platform. I led our design the whole time—first building our brand and architecting our entire cross-platform user experience from scratch. As we grew, I managed the design team, created our design hiring pipeline, and strategically planned our design work for product-market fit and growth.

Along the way, I also built and shipped my own products, founded design organizations in my community, and created a course at the University of Michigan to transform students into professional product designers.


Using design to make hard life choices

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