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I’m an interdisciplinary designer, programmer, and product leader.

I have been:

  • First employee of Y Combinator-backed FarmLogs, which raised >$35MM, grew to 80 people, and has been used by ⅓ of US farmers
  • Manager of high-performing product design teams
  • Consultant for startups and large tech companies
  • Design instructor at the University of Michigan

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Is your product living up to your vision?

Building a great product is hard.

Startups struggle to match big ideas with enough resources, and larger companies see quality slip as their products mature.

In either case, the results are the same: prolonged development cycles, lackluster features, and low user engagement.

Successful companies break this cycle—by systematically discovering real problems and shipping simple, user focused solutions.

Design can make all the difference.

I use design as a business tool to turn abstract ideas into tangible results:

Telling the complete story of what your users want—and how your product will deliver that value

Rapidly prototyping solutions by turning that story into UI that can be tested and refined

Crafting user interfaces that nail every detail along the entire customer journey

Finding and fixing usability problems that stop your customers from engaging

Helping engineers build faster with clear prototypes to build with—and a set of reusable UI building blocks

Facing a big challenge? I've been there.

In 2012, I was hired as the first employee of YC-backed FarmLogs—just three people, living on couches, with a vision to digitize farms, empower farmers, and fight Big Ag.

We grew to 70 people, raised $35MM, and had a third of American farmers on our platform. I led our design, built our brand, and architected our entire cross-platform user experience from the ground up. As we grew, I managed our design team, created our design hiring pipeline, and strategically planned our design work to find product-market fit and grow.

Before FarmLogs, I created my own custom Bachelors of Philosophy degree in Human-Computer Interaction. I've also designed, coded, and shipped my own products, founded design organizations in my community, and created a course at the University of Michigan to transform students into professional product designers.

As a consultant, I've helped with product, UX, and branding design, illustrated product strategy for large content companies, advised early-stage startups, and coached designers and product teams.


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Independent projects

Common themes: making complex systems simple, adding delightful details, and tools for self-directed learning.

Full portfolio available on request


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